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Best Trip of 2009

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I’ve been looking for a reason to write more regularly. Or maybe it’s been a focus that I’ve been looking for. At any rate, I may have found both in Gwen Bell’s “The Best of 2009 Blog Challenge.” Starting today I’ll be looking back over my 2009 and blogging about the best things, beginning with my best trip.

This past summer, my partner and I vacationed with my sister and her 5-year old son. It was a first. We had never really vacationed together, the four of us, and it ended up being a great time. We went to the beach for a week. Currently all 4 of us live in the Midwest, so the beach is kind of big treat.

My nephew is great in the water. He’s a little fish. He played in the waves for hours. The 3:1 adult to child ratio is definitely the way go, perhaps especially at the beach. We each took turns hanging out with him and playing until we were totally exhausted and then would trade off with one of the other 2 on the beach.

We only had rain 1 day. We ate seafood almost every night and got a little bit of shopping in, but mostly we just hung out and had a great time.

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December 1st, 2009 at 7:47 pm

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